Benefits of using a shower shut off valve.

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How many people turn on the shower and then leave the bathroom to do something else while the water is running down the drain? How many more people use gallons upon gallons of water just to get the temperature perfect? Even more people end their showers by directing the water flow to the bathtub before shutting it off completely. For whatever reason, people let the shower run for too long without even being in it. With shower shut off valves, however, there are no excuses as to why the shower should be running when a person isn’t in it. I wanted to surprise my husband with a couples massage at a day spa Long Island for our 1 year wedding anniversary.

Shower shut offs help regulate the temperature, because the hot and cold knobs are already preset to the perfect calibration. Don’t waste time and water anymore by fooling around with the hot and cold knobs each and every time a shower is started. Instead, push one button to start and one button to stop the shower, and have the water calibrated perfectly every time.

Another reason to get a shower shut off valve is because it can help those who are elderly or disabled. These valves are a great accommodation for people who want to be more independent, but do not have the mobility or strength. Since shut off valves only require a person to push one button, people who do not have the capacity to twist knobs can still take a shower without any assistance getting it started or stopped.

For those who are really concerned with saving water, the shut off valve can be used in between soaping. Some people use the valve to get wet, shut the shower off with the pushbutton, soap up, and then start the shower again. It cuts water usage in half!My sister had the most beautiful and glowing spray tan Long Island for her sweet 16. There are so many little ways to save water and help save the planet. This is one easy way to get going.


Tips for utilizing a professional plumber in your home.

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Plumbers cost a lot of money because they have the expertise and know-how to professionally service the inner workings of homes and buildings. They have gone to trade school and worked side by side with master plumbers in order to get the certification and license that they have. So plumbers should be able to make a great living by giving people the important service that they give. Still, this doesn’t mean that all plumbers should be allowed to overcharge their customers. So here are a few tips to save money next time a plumber is needed.

First, buy all the materials yourself. If the plumber is installing a new toilet, then he is going to charge much more if he has to go pick up the toilet himself. Instead, get a friend to visit a home improvement store to pick up what is needed and lug it back to the house. This is something easy that a homeowner should be able to do, and it’ll save big time. Whether it is a bathtub, faucet, or PCV piping, get it to the house without the plumber’s help, because he can and will add on unnecessary charges for doing so himself. For choosing a reliable plumber on long island, check out Mr pipes plumbing services – http://mrpipeplumbingny.com/services

Second, ask the plumber if there is a flat rate or if it is per hour. This might mean the difference between having the plumber service one part of your home or all the little problems that have been popping up. If he charges per hour, just have him fix what needs immediate attention. If he charges per visit, then let him look at the entire home. After all, it is already paid for.

Remember, even with these tips plumbers aren’t cheap. And they shouldn’t be. They provide a necessary service that takes years of training to master. They work twenty-four hours a day. They have tough working conditions, considering what some of the jobs ask them to do. This means they rightfully earn what they should be charging. Just make sure they aren’t overdoing it.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

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The exteriors of your home are the windows of the house; they represent what people see when they arrive at your place or when drivers are driving by your residence. After time, dirt, debris and other problems caused by weather can alter the view of the once pristine home. Doing it yourself as far as cleaning and restoring is much simpler than most expect, and less expensive. These are fantastic incentives for practicing DIY in terms of restoring your home. After all, your house is your biggest asset.

The structure of your house might be made of wood, rocks, and brick and may even feature unique architecture and masonry. Keeping the home’s ‘skin’ clean is important in maintaining the value and aesthetic of the residence. Instead of hiring an expensive company, do it yourself to save money. The value of DIY can exceed thousands of dollars, and is by far the most custom way to improve your home. Renting a power-washer (or purchasing one) is the best way to clean the outside of the house. Be careful to clean shingles, but to adjust pressure in areas that are vulnerable to cracking, chipping and fragmentation. Cleaning it yourself will ultimately transform your lackluster house and restore it back to the gem that it once was, and you can do it all yourself for less money than hiring a professional.

Simple chores when combined with more laborious changes will only enhance the clean-cut edge of the home’s exterior. Improvements can be vast; from trimming hedges with clippers to raking leaves and mowing the grass. A clean garden and yard is vital in maintaining a nice appearance. To do it yourself, make a trip to your neighborhood Home Depot or Lowe’s and pick up tools. While you are at it, consider purchasing gardening supplies, flowers and even plant seeds. Within no time, your dirty and boring yard will look clean and refreshed.

For yards that are lacking in greenery, do it yourself by purchasing the best fertilizer. If fertilizer is expensive, you can make your own formula using a multitude of ingredients found in the kitchen. Some people swear by crushed eggshells while others are adamant about aspirin and even fat drippings. There are plenty of recipes for homeowners who want to save money; it just takes patience and research. Improving your home is the best investment that you can make, and you can do it.

For cruddy driveways that are dirty and look old, try staining the concrete, power-washing it or laying a new driveway on top on the existing one with cement that you can purchase at the store. Improving the driveway will instantly liven the home’s exterior, as the driveway is like the house’s throat. For details, try going to a consignment shop or a patio store and purchasing decorations like statuses, fountains, garden gnomes and stone gardens. There are also an abundance of solar powered decorations stemming from sand clocks to glow-in-the-dark animals.

For little improvements, stick to the basics. Blowing leaves out of roof gutters and off of the driveway will make an instant difference. With a good blower, you don’t need to rake the grass, though certain tight areas will require more detail and will need a rake. To spruce up the lawn’s grass, do it yourself by installing a sprinkling system or purchasing a hose gun in which you manually water the grass. Watering the grass every day at the correct times will maximize your grass’s full potential.

For a more personal makeover, try adding an outdoor sitting area or lounge. This could be as simple as an iron table for two or an entire patio set. Opt for something smooth on the eyes and something durable; many home restorers select antiques in mint condition as it is an established fact that goods were made more durably in the past. Keeping a beautiful exterior is an easy task to do yourself and will save you money as well as maintain your home’s value and look.

Welcome to Game Street Party

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Welcome to Game Street, stay tuned for more articles, news, and updates.